Monday, April 7, 2014




Concept 1: Dance Floor Dynamics

Saturday 14th June 2014                                              

@ The Strand in Applecross

This Concept focuses on the foundational elements for elegant and smooth social dancing. Emphasis is placed on the elements of association, dissociation, connection with your partner, application of the pivot and awareness of the axis to develop effortless leading and following.

Concept 2: The Synergies of Spirals

Sunday 15th June 2014

@The Strand in Applecross

Spirals are particular to Rodrigo and Agustina’s dance. They are similar to colgadas and offer a way to access dynamic connections for off-axis movement. Rodrigo and Agustina promise to share with you the secrets to their smooth and elegant spiraling motion.

The Rules:

1. You MUST enrol with a partner
2. You must enrol for the full four hours
3. Lunch will be supplied

Sunday, April 6, 2014

What are Concepts?

Concepts are special intensives organised by TangoSpace where over four hours a single idea or tango ‘concept’ is built from the ground up. Students MUST enrol with a partner. Throughout the Concept you work with your partner to your desired level. Concepts are divided into two 2 hour sessions with a 1 hour break in between. You must enrol for the full four hours. But the good news is that within the hour break, we will supply you with lunch. Concepts cost $120 per person which becomes $100 with the early bird price for payments before the 29th May 2014.  



Wednesday 18th June 2014                                          
7:00pm - 8:30pm

@ The Strand in Applecross

This workshop will explore both linear and circular movements for effective vals within the line of dance. Rodrigo and Agustina will explore the dynamics of the embrace and the flexibilities of movement to achieve rhythm and flow within your dance. There is no need to enrol with a partner for this workshop. But be aware that while we will do our best, we cannot guarantee gender balance.